Greek Language Courses at the Modern Greek Language Centre of Kapodistrian University of Athens are refunded by Panteion University for incoming Erasmus students. After having successfully attended the courses, students are awarded the Greek language certificate as well as the grades and ECTS obtained. Our language policy is to enable students to integrate into the Greek society and modern mentality as they can be helped to attempt a better communicative level of our civilization, history and mentality.

Mentoring and support arrangements as well as any kind of administrative procedures concerning the mobility of incoming participants (students, teaching and administrative staff) and outgoing students for study are conducted by the International Relations and European Union Office of our Institution. As far as the outgoing students are concerned, their accommodation is arranged by themselves under the guidance of the International Relations Office as well as the support of ESN (Erasmus Student Network) of Panteion University.
Moreover,  from 2014 onwards, incoming students will make their own arrangements regarding their  accommodation  and  International Relations Office as well as  ESN will assist them  by proposing  accommodation  deals at advantageous prices when available.

Incoming Students are requested when submitting their application to send a copy of their European Health Insurance Card, or in special cases when EHIC is not provided (eg. Turkish citizens) incoming students  should  arrange insurance ,private or other, which will cover them during their Erasmus period abroad.
Outgoing students  that are not insured, can request  for Panteion University insurance, through the Students Welfare Department.  http://www.panteion.gr/index.php?p=content&section=27&id=159&lang=el
All incoming Erasmus students are entitled to free meals per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Moreover, it is prerogative of all students, incoming Erasmus students included, to participate free of charge in sport activities, athletic and sport opportunities provided by our University.
Introduction day is organized in order for the incoming students to get acquainted with the university whereabouts and procedures.
Panteion ESN collaboration with the International Relations Office organize cultural events, visits to museums and pick up service upon incoming participants’ arrival.
Reception of individual students and meetings with involved teaching staff are offered to help integrate incoming Erasmus Students.
All incoming Erasmus students are accredited with full access to University Library Services.

Incoming students are provided with an acceptance letter and outgoing students  a confirmation of selection, required by the respective issuing authorities (embassies, consulates, migration offices, etc)  in order to proceed with the visa.
Information is also provided , upon request, regarding the  whereabouts and contact info  of the issuing authorities while in special cases  communication is  engaged  between the International Relations Office and the respective authorities in order to facilitate and solve any difficulties occurred.

More info regarding Visas can be found here  and on the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs  http://www.mfa.gr/en/visas/visa-types/national-visas.html