Language Policy for Outgoing Mobile Participants

Our Institution requires good knowledge of the Host Institution language or one of the teaching languages of the receiving Institution. The academic coordinator of each Bilateral agreement evaluates the application of the participant who wishes to spend an Erasmus period abroad. The evaluation is based on points awarded in accordance with the adopted point system which is entirely used for student’s mobility. Each participant is awarded certain points for each submitted certificate, his/her records in the previous academic years, his/her attendance in seminars, assessments, laboratory research, internships etc and his/her performance during an interview where he/she has to express his/her academic future plans and motivation for the LLP/Erasmus mobility.
The applicants not having attained to the necessary level of linguistic proficiency are obliged to attend to foreign language courses in order to be well prepared for the mobility. In such cases outgoing mobile participants are selected to study abroad for the spring semester so that they have almost a whole year to improve their language skills.
The outgoing students are also well informed about EILCs which they are able to attend at the host country in order to improve their language skills.
Besides, throughout our educational system the knowledge of foreign languages is of great importance: in the primary, secondary and higher education, learning 1-2 foreign languages is mandatory. In our Institution one and/or two languages are taught during 6 academic semesters and are obligatory in order for students to receive their degree.