Your first step upon arrival should be to visit our Office in order for us to welcome you and enroll you in our electronic registry system. The exact dates of the forthcoming academic calendar will be notified to you beforehand, as soon as they are officially announced by our  University. You will also be informed about orientation day and the date that you should report to our office in order to be registered.

You will then receive your registration certificate in multiple copies to use for:

     Your restaurant card, issued by our Student Welfare Department

     Your Library Card, issued by our Library

     Your student card - academic ID (“Paso”), issued after you submit an online application, using a password and a username and following instructions that you will be provided with in due course.

     Your registration to the Greek Language Teaching Centre [optional]

You will also be provided with a Certificate of Arrival which you can use as confirmation for your home university. Should your home university require a specific form for this purpose, do not forget to carry one on your registration date.

As soon as you have completed your registration procedures, you will have to contact your Academic Coordinator, with whom you need to make an appointment in order to review and possibly revise your courses selection. Your Academic Coordinator can also help you in your contact with the professors whose courses you have selected and you should keep them informed on any academic issues you are dealing with
The contact details of your Academic Coordinator are provided to you in our welcome email with the application info – please keep them handy!