You will be required to pay one last visit to the Library and request their written Clearance Confirmation, which will state that you have no pending items to return to the Library. This confirmation has to be submitted to the IR&EU Department and, without it, it will not be possible to have your Departure Documentation endorsed.

As close as possible to the date of your departure you are expected to visit the IR&EU Department in order to ensure there is no pendency in your file, take the original copies of the documentation you are entitled to and have your Departure Documentation endorsed. If your home university has supplied you with any specific departure confirmation form, you will need to have it at hand. Please note that endorsement of your Departure Documentation is not possible without the Library Clearance Confirmation, and fully endorsed Learning Agreements.

Incoming students at the end of their Erasmus period receive the official Transcript of Records issued by the host Department, as well as a Confirmation of Grades in English issued by the IR&EU Department, endorsed by  the  Academic  Coordinator, which can serve as a semi-official Transcript of Records  with the grades and ECTS credits obtained.
In order to obtain your Transcript of Records you need to submit to the IR&EU Department a relevant application, containing the postal address to which you wish to have it sent, in case it is not ready before your departure.