Teaching Language

All courses are described in the course catalogue available on the Institution, Erasmus and Academic Departments’ websites. The instruction language is Greek, but courses in English/ French are offered, based on our READING courses system. Our Institution aims to establish a supplementary teaching system, leading to a 20% of the curricula taught in foreign languages, in case a course is selected by a considerable number of Erasmus students.

Department of Communication, Media and Culture (2015-16)
Department of International European and Area Studies (2015-16)
Department of Sociology (2015-16)
Department of Political Science and History (2015-16)
Department of Public Administration   (2015-16)
Department of Psychology (2015-16)
Department of Social Anthropology (2015-16)
Department of Social Policy (2015-16)
Department of Economic and Regional Development (2015-16)