Erasmus incoming students may select courses from all Panteion Academic Departments – but at least one course per semester has to be chosen from the Department in which the student is registered. For full year applicants, separate Learning Agreement forms are required for each semester (winter –spring).
You can use the learning agreement form as provided by your home university.
Please note that you are required to fill in the course code of your selected courses in your Learning Agreement.
In the courses programs, one can find the ECTS credits allocated to each course, the codes and the teaching staff responsible.
You will have to select or modify  your courses after consulting with your home university Erasmus coordinator as well as your host university Erasmus coordinator. 
Your learning agreement must first be endorsed by your home university and then by Panteion University. By all means , you must forward a copy of your learning agreement /changes document to the Department of IR&EU. 
Please, note that the courses list  is updated and uploaded on our website during  the summer months before the beginning of each academic year and students are also  notified by email.

The language of instruction is Greek, but some Departments offer courses in English or French (here). All  courses are open to Erasmus incoming students as reading courses (bibliography is supplied to the student by the professor in a language common between them, most commonly English or French, and a study topic is set. The examination method can be through an essay, an oral or written exam and sometimes through a combination of methods- it is a sort of personal tutoring). Some professors offer courses in English or French on an ad hoc basis, if their course is selected by a considerable number of Erasmus students and depending on that, our Institution aims to establish a supplementary teaching system, leading to a 20% of the curricula taught in foreign languages.